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Planting - Watermelon

Planting Information

Seeding Rate Per Foot 1 per 24" to 36"
Seeds Per Ounce 300-600
Space Between Plants 24"
Planting Depth 1"
Plant Height Medium
Plant Types Size: large, medium and personal or icebox size. Color: yellow or red.
Favorite Varieties Medium/Large varieties: Family Fun, Crimson Sweet Icebox Varieties:, Mickylee, Minilee, Sweet Favorite Hybrid, Mirage Hybrid, Cal Sweet Yellow fleshed varieties: Yellow Baby Hybrid, and Golden Crown.
Seed Viability (Years) 4 years
Seed Germination 77 F to 86 F
Germination Time 12 days at 68 F
5 days at 77 F
4 days at 86 F
3 days at 95 F

Planting Instructions

Look for selected varieties that grow well in your area. Larger and long-season varieties will not ripen in regions where the summers are short.

Most commercial growers in the Green River area of Utah, known for excellent melons, plant Crimson Sweet type watermelons. They are more round than oblong. This variety grows well with sweet flavorful flesh. It is worth the effort to plant varieties that are adapted to your area. Hybrid seeds are more expensive, but production is usually better.

Set out seeds or transplants when the soil warms above 70 F. Seedless varieties need temperatures above 80F to germinate. Plant seeds 1 to 2 inches deep.

If you prefer transplants, avoid large ones. Start plants inside in peat pots or pellets 3 to 4 weeks before outside planting date.

Melons do not transplant well from pony packs, or if their roots are disturbed Transplants should not be starting to vine. Those that are stressed or damaged while transplanting seldom produce good vines or fruit.

Plant watermelons in good, well-drained soil. Clay soils do not raise a good crop. If your soil is difficult, create raised beds by adding organic matter to improve the drainage and aeration.





The tone of the watermelon indicates ripeness. Lift the melon carefully and slap with a cupped hand. If the tone is high-pitched, the watermelon is not yet ripe. If it is low-pitched, it is too ripe. A medium-pitched tone indicates a ripe watermelon. Prac

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