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Planting - Grapes

Planting Information

Seeding Rate Per Foot Not generally seeded
Seeds Per Ounce Generally planted with cuttings. Not generally seeded
Space Between Plants 96"
Planting Depth Plant at same level as they were in the pot.
Plant Height Edge
Plant Types American European
Favorite Varieties American: Blue-black: (used for juices and jellies) Concord (Considered the standard for juice and jellies) Buffalo (earlier than Concord, same uses.) Fredonia (Matures later than Buffalo but before Concord) Campbell Early. White Juice Canada Muscat Niagara European/American Crosses: Red Seedless Table Grapes Suffolk Red -- Larger table grape Canadice -- smaller than Suffolk White Seedless table grapes Himrod (similar to Thompson seedless but more hardy to Rocky Mountain winters) Interlaken (very early seedless table grape. Good for raisins) Lakemont ( makes good raisins) Black seedless table grapes Venus Glenora -- not as hardy as Venus Black grapes with seeds Alden
Seed Viability (Years) Not generally planted from seed -- generally planted from cuttings or grafted stock.
Seed Germination Not typically planted from seed
Germination Time Not typically planted from seed

Planting Instructions

Grapes should be planted in an area that gets full exposure to the sun. If plants are placed on southern exposure in a location somewhat sheltered from cooling winds, they may produce ripe fruit even if the overall location is considered marginal.

Grape vines can be planted in the Spring as soon as the soil dries out enough to be worked. Prepare a small hole and set the plants to the same level as they were in the pot you purchased them in. Clip the top off the vine leaving only two buds near the soil line. As you distribute your vines throughout your garden space, be sure to space the plants atleast 8 to 10 feet apart. As you plants begin to grow, weeds will most certainly invade your garden space. Keep the weeds out by pulling them up by the base of the weed or, if you must use a hoe, don't dig deep into the soil with the hoe to avoid damaging the tender roots.

Heavy clay type soils need to be improved with organic matter to provide good drainage before planting. A good mulch should be used to provide even soil moisture.

As grapes grow, they will need to be supported - provide your plants with a trellis or support of some kind. (More information in the plant development and culture section)





Cut entire clusters of grapes from vine rather than pulling them.

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