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Planting - Blueberries

Planting Information

Seeding Rate Per Foot Plants are generally grown as transplanted shrubs.
Seeds Per Ounce Not applicable
Space Between Plants 48"
Planting Depth Same depth as in the nursery
Plant Height Edge
Plant Types Early season Mid season Late season
Favorite Varieties About the same varieties are used throughout the United States, since conditions for growing them are very similar. Also included below are some varieties that tolerate heat but may need winter protection in areas with cold winters. Each variety has the same acid soil requirements. Early varieties Weymouth Earliblue Northland Midseason: Collins Bluecrop Bluehave Bluieray Berkeley Stanley Late Season Coville Dixi Jersey Rabbiteye blueberries - heat tolerant Sharpblue - bears in April or May and is self-fertile. Bluebelle - Ripens in May or June Southland - Ripens in May or June Tifblue - Ripens in May or June
Seed Viability (Years) Not generally planted from seed.
Seed Germination Not planted from seed
Germination Time Not planted from seed

Planting Instructions

Blueberries are not well acclimated to alkaline soils and hot summer temperatures. When planting blueberry plants, it is important to remember to never add manure to the soil, as manure is alkaline in nature.

Blueberries need a little extra help for proper pollilnation. Plant two varieties adapted to the same season - long, medium or short season - for better pollination.

When burying your new blueberry starts in the ground, make sure to dig a big enough hole so that the roots can spread out to their natural length - never cramp the roots in a small hole. A good measure of how much room to give the roots is to place the plants at the same levels as they were when you purchased them at your local nursery.

Once the plants are in the ground, use a surface mulch to keep soil moisture even. The new plants will require more water than usual, so be sure to water your new blueberry plants more frequently.

In hot summer climates, place the container in a partially shaded area. Allow about 4' to 5' between plants for development.





Blueberries have shallow roots. Mulch heavily to avoid cultivating and to maintain even soil moisture.

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