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Planting - Muskmelon, Melon and Cantaloupe

Planting Information

Seeding Rate Per Foot 1 per 24" to 36"
Seeds Per Ounce 300-600
Space Between Plants 24"
Planting Depth 1"
Plant Height Medium
Plant Types
Favorite Varieties Summet, Burpee Hybrid, Magnum, Ambrosia, Classic, Harper Hybrids, Mission and Magnum 45 Hybrid. Rocky Sweet is an excellent green fleshed variety. Related varieties: Earlidew, Jade Dew, Crenshaw,
Seed Viability (Years) 4 years
Seed Germination 77 F to 86 F
Germination Time 8 days at 68 F
4 days at 77 F
3 days at 86 F

Planting Instructions

When purchasing Melon seeds, check with your local nursery to find out which varieties do best in your region.

Melon seeds can be planted or transplanted when the soil temperature warms to a temperature above 70 F. To plant your seeds dig a small hole 1" to 2" inches deep in a small mound or hill and insert your seeds into the ground. Once the seedlings begin to establish themselves, the plants should be thinned to two per hill.

If you prefer transplants, avoid large over-grown plants. Start plants indoors in peat pots or pallets 3 to 4 weeks before outside planting date.

Melons do not transplant well from pony packs, or if their roots are disturbed. In choosing your seedling transplants, be sure to avoid plants that have already started to vine. If the roots or seeling are stressed or damaged during transplanting, the overall growth and production of the plnat may be diminished.

Be sure to plant your Canteloupes in good, well-drained soil. Clay soils, for water retention reasons, do not raise a good crop. If your soil is difficult, create raised beds by adding organic matter to improve the drainage and aeration.



Muskmelon, Melon and Cantaloupe


Crenshaw turns mostly yellow, but will still have some green in the rind when it ripens. Honeydew and casaba are ready when the rinds turn yellow.

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