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Planting - Brussels sprouts

Planting Information

Seeding Rate Per Foot 2 to 3 per foot
Seeds Per Ounce 9,000
Space Between Plants 24"
Planting Depth 1/4"
Plant Height Tall
Plant Types tall dwarf
Favorite Varieties Tall: captain marvel, prince marvel Jade Cross - 95 to 100 days - oval sprouts Widgeon - 120 days cold tolerant for mid-Fall through Winter harvest. Dwarf: Oliver - 90 days large sprouts
Seed Viability (Years) 4 years
Seed Germination 60 - 70 F
Germination Time 20 days at 50 F
10 days at 59 F
6 days at 68 F
5 days at 77 to 95 F

Planting Instructions

In mild climates, Brussels sprouts adapt to fall planting and can survive through mild winters until spring. When temperatures drop below 20 F at night, sprouts will be damaged. Brussels Sprouts should not be "wintered" in harsh winter climates.

The planting date should be calculated by counting backward 16 weeks from the estimated date of the first fall frost.

For transplants, allow four to five weeks for plants to develop to transplanting size, and then transplant the plants in early summer for fall harvest after the first frost. Typical planting date is 16 weeks before first fall frost, for a fall crop.

Harvest will take place over a period of about 30 days with progressively heavier frosts.

Rows: start seed indoors about 4 weeks before transplanting outdoors, or direct seed outdoors using season extenders such as wall-o-waters for protection.

When transplanting or thinning, leave 1' to 2' between plants. Plant in rows 2' to 2 1/2' apart.

Beds: when planting in beds, allow 24" to 36" between each transplant, or put seeds 5" to 6" apart and transplant to 24" to 36" apart when seedlings reach about 5" tall.

Containers: when planting in containers, allow 24" to 36" between each plant.



Brussels sprouts


Brussels sprouts are very susceptible to aphids and looper damage. Watch for these pests and treat early for best control.