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Top Three Home Maintenance Tasks for the Fall

Fall is here, which means one thing for homeowners: it’s time to do a little bit of maintenance. When fall strolls along, it is quite common to experience some unpleasant outdoor excursions, such as piles upon piles of leaves. (It’s a good thing you have a leaf mulcher.) During the fall, you will want to make sure that your home looks just as fabulous and updated as it did over the summer. With these three tips, you can keep your home from looking like an eyesore this year.

1. Take care of the leaves. This is the time of year where leaves accumulate at their absolute highest. Although it’s nice to take a peek at some gorgeous fall leaves, it’s also important to keep your home updated. When leaves start to pile up, you will want an efficient lawn mulcher which will keep the leaves away. Here are a few qualities to look for if you don’t own a leaf mulcher


• A clog-free vacuum system

• Ensure that it is made of an elastomer
• Something which is portable and is easily placed in any part of the home

A leaf mulcher will take you far. Don’t let the leaves get you down this year—take control! Plus, your home will look infinitely better without all of those leaves. Your leaves can become a safety hazard not only for yourself, but for any trick-or-treaters who attempt to walk up to your home this year.

2. Inspect your roof. It’s particularly important to check your roof in the event that you have experienced some heavy rains or winds this year. Look for cracks or any openings in your roof. There are many different ways your roof can experience damage, such as:

• Tree branches and limbs falling on the roof
• Buildup of debris
• Animals (such as woodpeckers or raccoons)
• Severe weather or storms

One of the reasons why checking out to see if your roof is in good working condition is because winter brings in heavier and less tolerable weather. Check up on your roof as soon as possible to avoid any additional issues later on.

3. Clean out your gutters and downspouts. Having your gutters cleaned out during the fall will prove to be beneficial to your home later on. In fact, fall is a prime time to have your gutters inspected. It is a much better idea to have you gutters cleaned out during fall so that you won’t have to suffer from thousands worth of damage later on. When your gutters are clogged up, there will be an excessive flow of water which can damage the side of your home, including its painting. 

Maintaining your home is crucial, especially when another season is about to arise. With winter just a month or so away, updating your home now can save you tons later on. It is easy to get rid of the leaves in front of your home, but having your roof and your gutters inspected will make a tremendous difference in the costs that will arise in winter.

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